Alton Oil

With Paul Pereira’s expertise in cross-border business, creating value and turnarounds, the Alumina Plant in Port Kaiser, Jamaica sparked his interest.

With Paul Pereira’s expertise in cross-border business, creating value and turnarounds, the Alumina Plant in Port Kaiser, Jamaica sparked his interest. Port Kaiser is located on the southern coast of Jamaica, the location of a storage tank facility. It has the infrastructure to resourcefully service Jamaica and its surrounding regions with a supply of refined finished fuel products from its tanks and pier. The pier is also large enough to conquer any size vessel with a pumping system that enables it to discharge and load any vessel berthing alongside very quickly. Since it is a duty-free zone receiving high container traffic, and being located close to the shipping triangle, Pereira recognized its ability to be a strategic holding facility. The port is part of a section of an Alumina Plant that has been importing and storing fuel since 1969.


The largest trans-shipment terminal in the Caribbean is Kingston terminal, receiving less than 5% bunkering services in Jamaica; chiefly due to a lack of consistent and readily available fuel from the only supplier, the refinery of Jamaica. Since none of the cruise lines who visit Jamaica receive bunkering services here, it opens up a huge window for opportunity to service the bunker market. Such opportunity includes receiving commitments from major cruise lines as well as large trading companies such as China Zhen Hua Oil. More opportunity lies around the nearby islands in the Caribbean that are in dire need of fuel including Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Belize. Pereira realized the underserviced market and saw opportunity in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean to create capacity for adequate storage by the refinery that would be able to service all of the local power plants and an aviation sector, and transport the market simultaneously.


Among Pereira are other main players and bunkering partners, including South Atlantic Marine LLC who is prominent in the marine segment. South Atlantic Marine LLC and its associated companies are high-end maritime service providers in the South Atlantic area, Rivers de La Plata, Parana, and Paraguay. The company is lead by professionals from the shipping industry that strive to provide convenient and committed quality services to help different customers achieve their business goals. Petro Tank is a company linked with South Atlantic Marine LLC services in the offshore market chartering tonnage which serves the oil and gas industry in Argentinean waters. They constantly fill international requirements, attack demanding conditions in offshore activity and provide safe and reliable service to their customers.


Pereira put forth his interest to introduce business and developmental proposals to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and was happy to start a business in Port Kaiser. After being granted the permission to start doing business, Pereira excelled in his position to turn Port Kaiser into a successful operation.