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Super Goose Grumman Aircraft coming alive!

The Grumman Mckinnon Goose as it is referred to is a modification of the original WW2 Grumman Goose. This aircraft was built tough and as a multi functional work horse. There were so many applications for the Goose and hence the reason why the Military and the Coast Guard quickly adopted this amphibian aircraft. It was versatile and with performance characteristics that far out weighted the competition.

Today the Grumman G-21G Super Goose is a modernized version of the original Goose powered by twin turbine Pratt Whitney PT6’s and boasting a longer range and heavier payload and passenger count than its competition. This makes the Super Goose really attractive and versatile. Seaplane operators from all over the world are inquiring and seeking to secure production slots.

Getting the Grumman Super Goose to market takes careful planning and coordination. Many major entities have come together to coordinate the logistics of the aerostructures, component parts, OEM parts and the final assembly.

FAA regulatory approvals and STC’s all have to be satisfied and senior industry leading engineers and FAA experts have been working collectively across several states including Wichita, Kansas, Burlington, North Carolina and Miami, Florida in order to properly scope the project and identify the critical path components to production launch and success.

The aircraft will have the avionics, power and the interior of a modern day aircraft with state of the art technology and multiple interior configurations available. Whether you are transporting 9 passengers and their luggage, moving heavy parts offshore to an oil rig or tugboat service, performing a search and rescue, the Super Goose seems to have all the performance characteristics to execute the tasks.

The Super Goose will certainly be a welcomed addition to the modern day journals of aviation history and key partners such as Grumman Aerospace, Lee Aerospace, Global Parts, Lease Corp Aviation and Alton Worldwide are all collectively working together to make an impact with this legendary aircraft. Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Paul A. Pereira at +1-305-934-0671

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