Paul A. Pereira

CEO of The Alton Group Worldwide

Alton Worldwide’s CEO Paul Antonio Pereira specializes in creating sustainable value for existing companies and startup businesses, pioneering new ideas with a strong, strategic approach.

As a biotech, telecom, energy and trade entrepreneur, he’s served as CEO and Executive Director at companies in the United States, European Union, Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean Islands.

Pereira is a native of Trinidad who played a meaningful role in modern business development for that island nation. His business endeavors there were expansive, generous, and future-focused. Highlights include his leadership in building a “Kids off the Streets” program to train young people in Internet technology.

Pereira holds a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from the International School of Management (ISM) in Paris in conjunction with St. John’s University, New York. He also studied Chemistry at Ridley College and McGill University in Canada, and Mechanical Engineering at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University in the United States.

In addition to his leadership role at Alton Worldwide, Pereira served as CEO and Chairman of the Board at MHG Biopolymers (Meredian Holdings Group) renamed Danimer Scientific, and as a partner at the private equity firm, PV Cala. Pereira also serves as a very popular Professor of Strategic Management and International Business at ISM and ISEG Paris, where he won an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010.

Paul A. Pereira’s Business Philosophy

“Sometimes the success of transactions requires a “soft skill” … the ability to recognize and understand the culture of the people, the business customs that it translates into and the most effective means of communicating our vision and mission so as to maintain “buy in” and synchronicity with all the stakeholders. Culture, Custom and Communication. I call this the 3C’s of Emerging Markets.
– Paul Pereira

Especially noted for taking companies in distress and turning them around to create value, Pereira applies a methodology for globalization that he calls the “Three Cs” – culture, customs, and communication.

His goal is to establish a set of business objectives that integrate smoothly into new markets by developing best practices according to the culture, customs, and communications of the social system that supports the market.

Pereira operates along the lines of what business scholars at Harvard and other top institutions refer to as “contextual intelligence.”

Using that approach, he has been instrumental in modernizing telecommunications for several developing nations in the Caribbean and the Middle East via adaptive scenarios built upon the local economies and histories of each.

Pereira also exercises what he calls the “Blue Ocean Strategy,” a philosophy of business that centers around creating new enterprises in response to new market needs or new market demand. His leadership in the realm of creating a renewable and sustainable model for bioplastics manufacturing exemplified this approach.

Paul A. Pereira’s Footprints

Paul Pereira’s legacy of success includes such notable enterprises as MHG Biopolymers, Carib Brewery, Interserv, PalTel, Vtel, and Alton Oil. His diverse portfolio demonstrates his ability to strategize, direct and facilitate the future of complex, meaningful projects that succeed for both investors and target markets.


Facilitating a Renewable, Sustainable Solution to Global Plastics Pollution

“Can you imagine a world where there is no pollution, and the oceans are clean, and we don’t have garbage patches of floating plastic debris? Well, I can. The time has come to step up and demand bioplastic products for a healthier and safer planet.” 
– Paul A. Pereira, MHG CEO and Chairman”

Pereira took the reins of MHG (Meredian Holdings Group)in 2013 to help propel the burgeoning South Georgia (USA) biopolymer manufacturer to global scale manufacturing status.

In his 90 second video, The Promise of PHA,  he discusses the impact MHG PHA will have in the world of plastics.

With the goal of replacing petrochemical plastic with agriculturally produced, 100% biodegradable PHA bioplastic feedstock, Pereira engineered the merger of two U.S. based enterprises – Meredian Inc. and Danimer Scientific – into a single entity.

He then led the newly formed MHG onto the world stage, laying the groundwork for expansion in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

In June 2015, Pereira presented MHG’s mission to the Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) General Assembly in Geneva Switzerland. While there, he also participated as a panelist at the invitation of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).



Connecting up Developing Regions to the Global Telecom Network

Using his 3Cs approach, Pereira has been instrumental in modernizing telecommunications for several developing nations via adaptive scenarios built upon the local economies and histories of each.

Pereira’s impact on global telecommunications in emerging economies began when he began when he partnered with NEC to create the first distributed VOIP satellite-based telecom network to support call center environments anywhere in the world.

He went on to develop telecom infrastructure across the Caribbean isles and the Middle East, growing Interserv, Paltel, and VTel into multimillion-dollar, international enterprises that have had a major, positive impact on quality of life in their resident nations.


Energy, Transportation, and Trade:

Establishing Stability and Self-Sufficiency in a Marine Based Economy

Pereira’s work to transform and stabilize energy sourcing and transportation among the Caribbean nations is multifaceted and far-reaching.

One of his core enterprises, Alton Oil, has played an instrumental role in facilitating fuel distribution across Caribbean ports.

He modernized Plipdeco, located on the Point Lisas estate in Trinidad, into one of the largest transshipment ports in the Caribbean. He additionally turned around automotive manufacturer McEnearney Robinson and boat manufacturer Elan Marine into stable and profitable international enterprises.

Pereira has also taken the helm of multiple commercial enterprises over the years. He applied recession-proof strategies that helped struggling businesses get on their feet, create local jobs, and become profitable, and ensured that stable companies stayed that way.

His successes in the commercial arena include Caribbean based Penta Paints, Front Row Uniforms, and the renowned Carib Brewery. He was also a principal at Source Scientific, LLC, a medical instruments company that was acquired in a planned transition by BIT Analytical Instruments of Schwalbach, Germany in 2013.