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Loyalty, Satisfaction, Growth, Potential and Profits

Unlike the slash and burn personnel and budget management tactics used to give the illusion of gain in the late 20th century, success in the rapidly changing business landscape of the 21st century requires a healthier approach. A sincere appreciation of a company’s tangible and intangible assets, and of its place in the competitive universe are core components of contemporary value creation.

  • Do you have a loyal customer base? Are you receiving referrals? Is your customer list expanding at a steady pace?
  • Are your employees loyal, happy and productive? Are new ideas flowing? Are manufacturing and sales targets being met?
  • Is your market value increasing? Are your shareholders happy with your earnings?
  • What is the current and potential worth of your intellectual property and brands?

All the solutions offered by Alton Worldwide – consultingM&Asraising capitalbusiness developmentnew market entrystrategy buildingturnaroundsbranding and marketing – are designed to create “yes” answers to these questions.

Some companies may need to streamline existing offerings or develop the full potential of products or services. Others may need to expand marketing coverage, or increase sales to improve stock prices. Others still may need to improve customer or employee relationships to solidify loyalty and retention. A rare few may need all of the above.

Many factors play into a company’s value, and in all cases, Alton Worldwide will help you work through the problems.

We’ll assess the state of your current operations and customers, and work with you to determine new directions for your products or services. We’ll also help you unlock the hidden value of your resources, assets, and relationships by realigning your company’s scope, goals, objectives, and performance levels.

In addition to developing tactical objectives, we’ll provide broad industry analysis, develop a competitive overview, estimate budget requirements, and create a realistic timeline for growth. We’ll gather information on international trends, and best practices for growth in your sector.

We’ll synthesize the information into an implementation strategy and devise a risk mitigation plan to reduce exposure to asset degradation.

To ensure success, we’ll track project milestones and financial outcomes, audit ongoing processes, and monitor critical success factors along the way, as needed:

  • Customer metrics (retention, satisfaction, profitability, lifetime value)
  • Financial metrics (revenue targets, profit margins, ROI, cost controls)
  • Procedure targets (KPIs, process performance measurements, automation and technology performance, compliance standards)
  • Organizational control factors (training programs, employee retention, knowledge management, market expansion)

Alton Worldwide has built our reputation on generating growth and increasing value and wealth for businesses in markets where little previously existed. Our success stories are a testament to our ability to do the same for you.

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