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Solid Funding Strategies Build Security for the Future 2017-11-16T15:03:27-04:00

Confidence, credibility, and evidence of a viable revenue model are essential components of raising capital. Understanding your target and competition, defining your vision and projected outcomes in a professionally written business plan, and investing as much personal equity as possible are critical steps toward convincing others to invest in you.

From there, it’s a matter of locating the financial resources that are most likely to facilitate your success, including investors whose objectives align with your own.

Alton Worldwide will guide you through these steps with the aim of creating the best possible outcome for your vision and enterprise, and ensuring profitability.

The Alton team provides financial advisement and facilitates capital resource acquisition. We’ll design a business case evaluation to help prepare your venture for new market capitalization or recapitalization. We’ll pursue funding opportunities that are capable of meeting future growth obligations.

The purpose of the analysis is to quantify financing needs, value assets and assess the economic viability of an enterprise. Business valuation requires a comprehensive approach that accurately defines the actual worth of a company’s assets, goodwill, and potential future earnings.

Alton’s next step is to calculate the value of the future earnings capabilities of the venture. We’ll conduct an audit to identify and document the assets and liabilities owned by the company. We’ll run a cash flow analysis to identify cash burn and short-term liquidity issues.

We’ll then implement a valuation process that goes beyond standard accounting methods by analyzing industry trends, economic conditions, global opportunity, and synergistic applications.

We’ll consider all possible resources for funding, including:

  • Debt financing from banks or the SBA
  • IPOs (initial public offerings)
  • Grants and public/private partnerships
  • Crowdfunding
  • Equity financing in exchange for partial ownership of the business

Our ultimate goal is to generate the right mix of public and private capital to support continuing operations and give business owners the autonomy, control and flexibility needed to realize the company’s vision and potential profits to the fullest degree.

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