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PLIPDECO/ Point Lisas

Specialties: TurnaroundsCreating Value

In 1995, the late Minister of Industry and Trade requested that Paul Pereira visit Point Lisas, a port in Trinidad that had been through many rough patches and was on a gradual decline. Pereira was brought in to access the problem and create a plan to transform the port at Point Lisas into the largest container terminal in the region. He implemented systems and controls in the LCL (less than container load) warehouses and worked on building a strategy with Captain Rawle Badaloo for the port transshipment.

After several trips to Thamesport and Port of Malta, a strategic plan was developed in conjunction with Thamesport and Pereira began the execution. Pereira was the master facilitator in turning Point Lisas into the largest container terminal in the region by improving efficiencies and utilizing modern container equipment and cranes.

Pereira’s work and dedication to the company turned Point Lisas Industrial Estates into one of the most prestigious and prominent industrial estates in the region with a solid infrastructure for commerce.