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Specialties: Strategy BuildingTurnaroundsNew Business Development

In 1993, one of the 185 companies owned by the Ansa group of companies was a paint manufacturing facility under license from ICI, PLC IK and Glidden. Pereira stepped in as CEO of Penta Paints in 1992. He immediately focused on the manufacturing facility and the inefficient methods being utilized for paint manufacture. Implementing “Time Based Competition” and re-engineering the process flow through the plant along with upgrading equipment. Pereira enabled the facility to produce larger volumes of paint at lower costs.

He quickly targeted the licensed paint distributors and improved distribution and customer service. Simultaneous with this, Pereira focused on the export markets and established a demographic footprint in the region, hitting record sales and profits.

For the employees, Pereira opened a luncheon kitchen on site where hundreds of employees could enjoy a good meal at reasonable cost.