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McEnearney Robinson

Specialties: TurnaroundsStrategy BuildingCreating Value

Paul Pereira, Managing Director of Alton Worldwide, was given the assignment to go into McEnEarney, an ailing car company and implement solutions to reposition the company to a leadership position in the car industry. At the time, McEnearney Robinson was assembling Mitsubishi cars in their Japanese built assembly plant.

This process was costly and ineffective, and with the reduction of import duties, it soon became more viable to revert to a simple distribution operation. The car sales were down and McEnearney ranked last in sales amongst the other 4 competitors.

The assembly plant was shut down, and the service and parts department were computerized to have better control on a LIFO/FIFO parts inventory system. The service department was rebuilt focusing on customer service and stepping up the customer experience in that department. Pereira’s philosophy was that if a critical mass of cars could be sold then the company would enjoy a steady cash flow from service and parts and hence those departments had to perform beyond expectations. Pereira was soon appointed CEO  and given a board seat as he continued his turnaround taking this car company to number one amongst its competitors where today it still enjoys that lead.