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Specialties: New Market EntryNew Business DevelopmentStrategy Building


In 1975, Front Row Uniforms opened its doors in Trinidad and has since established themselves as the leader of all uniform manufacturing companies in the western hemisphere.

For forty years, the company evolved exponentially moving from a 5,000 square foot space with over 50 sewing machines that catered to 10,000 Caribbean clients to a 33,000 square foot space that was able to meet the demand of a larger clientele.

In 2005, Paul Pereira was brought in to create a new business strategy and expand the company on a global level.

Pereira assisted the company with new market entry.  In 2009, the company opened up a 1,500 square foot office in Hangzhou, China where they have full staffing for procurement, quality control and raw materials testing.

The following year, Pereira provided his assistance in establishing new showroom in Trinidad, Barbados, as well as Miami. These showrooms provided full customer support and service. During this time, Pereira also spearheaded the acquisition of a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Central Trinidad. The production facility space no exceeds 80,000 square feet in Trinidad alone.

In 2011, the company reported breaking delivery barriers and has been largely successful in meeting the needs of the clients. While most uniform manufacturers were reporting a six to nine-month delivery time, Front Row Uniforms was also to commit to three to four months.

Pereira still serves on the Board of Directors and has been actively involved in the decision making of the company, along with his wife Rachel Pereira.