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ELAN Marine

Specialties: New Market EntryStrategy Building


ELAN Marine, which specializes in the production of sporting goods ranging from skis to sail yachts, is known as Slovenia’s most global and successful brand. However, in 2007, ELAN Marine approached Alton Worldwide in the hopes of expanding market opportunities into North America.

Alton Worldwide’s previous success and continued connections throughout the North American and the Caribbean and Latin American (CALA) regions allowed them to provide valuable insight into entering the new market. After thorough research, Alton suggested that ELAN Marine enter the North American market through the south. By establishing ELAN Marine in the southern states, they would be able to access the untapped CALA market and boost potential revenues even further.

Alton Worldwide provided an extensive framework plan to help ELAN Marine in rebranding themselves for their new market entry. With the yacht market’s projected revenue to reach over $37 billion by 2011 and with the ongoing shift in preference towards larger, more sophisticated and environmentally friendly vessels, Alton Worldwide focused on marketing ELAN’s luxurious motor yachts. By branding ELAN Marine as a global distributor of power motor yachts, Alton Worldwide was able to take advantage of this large market sector with an annual revenue over $10 billion.

Today ELAN Marine is the world’s top producer and supplier of recreational boats—reaching consumers in over 48 countries.