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Case Studies

The Case Studies presented by Alton Worldwide demonstrate the deep expertise and capabilities of Paul Pereira and our managing partners. The stories show how Alton Worldwide operates and the record of success we have with our approach on a global scale.

MHG - The Biopolymer Company - Canola FieldsMHG/danimer scientific

Alton Oil

Carib Brewery

Alton Worldwide’s most recent success story involves Paul Pereira’s merging and expansion of two world-class biopolymer companies – Meredian and DaniMer Scientific – into MHG (Meredian Holdings Group). Later renamed danimer scientific

Pereira’s expertise in cross-border business sparked his interest in the Alumina Plant in Port Kaiser, Jamaica because it has the infrastructure to service Jamaica and surrounding regions with refined finished fuel products.

Pereira was brought in by Ansa McCall to help the Carib Brewery, the largest beer brewery in the Caribbean region. Two distinct issues plagued the brewery: a large product line and a costly and inefficient distribution network.

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VTel Holdings

In 1997, Pereira launched Interserv, the first ISP in the Caribbean region. He had to battle a 40-year monopoly by Cable and Wireless to succeed. For the community, Interserv hosted “Kids on the Net,” a free neighborhood training program for children.

Paltel was a struggling telecom monopoly in a soon to be deregulated environment in Palestine. Losses were piling up. The company needed to restructure and focus. Pereira turned the company around from a loss position to a $50 million profit in one year.

Created by Pereira, Vtel Holdings is a forerunner in telecommunications, working in existing and new markets, such as The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin and Central America, and the Caribbean, with a focus on “difficult emerging countries”.

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Front Row Uniforms

McEnearney Robinson

Penta Paints

In 1975, Front Row Uniforms opened its doors in Trinidad and became a leader in uniform manufacturing in the western hemisphere. In 2005, Pereira was brought in to create a new business strategy and expand the company to a global level.

Pereira went into McEnEarney Robinson, an ailing car manufacturing company, to implement solutions to reposition the company into a leadership position in the automotive industry as a more viable parts distribution operation.

Pereira stepped in as CEO of Penta Paints in 1992. He immediately focused on the production facility and the inefficient methods being utilized for paint manufacture, implementing “Time Based Competition” and re-engineering the process flow

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ELAN Marine

In 1995, Pereira began transforming Point Lisas, a port in Trinidad that had been through many rough patches and was in gradual decline. Pereira assessed the problem and created a plan to transform the port into the largest container terminal in the region. 

Pereira and Howard Vinik formed P.V. CALA Equity Fund as a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership to make equity investment primarily in the Caribbean and Latin America based middle market assets in the hotel and hospitality sector. Pereira remains a partner.

ELAN Marine specializes in the production of sporting goods ranging from skis to yachts. The company is known as Slovenia’s most successful brand. In 2007, ELAN Marine approached Alton Worldwide to develop new market opportunities in North America.

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