The Team

Paul A. Pereira, DBA, Miami

Entrepreneur Paul Antonio Pereira has an insatiable appetite for creating value in existing companies and for starting new businesses. Pereira is a visionary, turning dreams into reality using a strong, strategic approach to pioneering new ideas. His successes in technology, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, and biotechnology have been global game changers for decades. His international footprint encompasses regions as diverse as the U.S., E.U., Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean. His experience operating in such a variety of industries and locales enables him to provide world-class leadership and strong guidance for his clients.

Pereira served as Executive Chairman and CEO of MHG, the biopolymer company that produces PHA biodegradable plastic. During his tenure, he provided guidance and leadership in merging Meredian/DaniMer, into Meredian Holdings Group, and turning the company around from facing bankruptcy to profitability with impressive buyout offers. He continues to proactively work with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies globally advising on transgressing to the new Bioeconomy with Renewability and Sustainability.

Pereira holds a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from the International School of Management (ISM) Paris and St. John’s University, New York. He also studied Chemistry at Ridley College and McGill University in Canada, and Mechanical Engineering at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University in the United States.

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Dr. Rajan Sara, Ph.D., London

Dr. Rajan Sara has over 33 years of international operational experience in the service industry, extensive global work assignments, and joint venture partnering.  He is also qualified in finance and business management, including supply chain. Dr. Sara has trained and worked on previous assignments globally including Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, England, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Bahrain and the USA.

Dr. Sara possesses an excellent educational background that includes a Doctor of Business Administration from the International School of Management in Paris, a Masters in Business specifically Accounting and Finance from the University of Technology in Sydney. His other qualifications include Dip. Risk Management (Aust.), FFA (Eng), CMMgt (Aust.), MBIFM (Eng.), F Inst. Dir (Eng.), MCIPS (Eng.), AICPA (US) and a FNIA (Aust.)

Nigel Dickinson, MBA, Trinidad

Nigel Dickinson has extensive experience working with automotive manufacturers and distributors, repositioning major distributors to execute new strategic models for successful business.  He currently owns his own financial advisory firm working with high-net-worth individuals and institutions in North America and the Caribbean.  Mr. Dickinson’s distinctive skills set includes strategic planning and implementation, business development techniques, re-engineering and change management and project management. Mr. Dickinson is an expert in strategic modeling and trade development. He has successfully worked with industrial estates globally and executed trade relations cross-border and between Eastern and Western Hemispheric organizations. He possesses a ground-up understanding of the fundamentals of foreign trade zone development.

Mr. Dickinson completed his undergraduate work at Florida Atlantic University where he received his Bachelors in Finance and International Business. He also holds an MBA from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Ricardo Ramirez, Ph.D., Venezuela

Dr. Ricardo Ramirez de la ESPRIELLA comes from over 15 years of practice of advising Latin American high net worth families and institutions on financial counseling, specifically asset management, options, futures and hedge fund trading.  He has previously performed with top Wall Street firms including Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities, Morgan Stanley and is presently working for Bank of America. Dr. de la ESPRIELLA has also been a key speaker at investing conferences, government entities, and universities throughout the American continents.

Dr. de la ESPRIELLA has an excellent educational background possessing a Doctoral Degree from the International School of Management, Paris in conjunction with St. John’s University in New York, Temple University’s Tokyo Campus and Fudan University in Shanghai.  He currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Ryan Pereira, MBA International Business, Defense Contractor, Washington DC

Mr. Pereira holds a Dual bachelor in Finance, Economics and minor Marketing from Colorado State University, where he also pursued the Air Force ROTC training program. He also obtained an MBA with a concentration in International Business and Marketing from the same school. He was subsequently recruited by the Air Force Academy, became an officer and obtained his flying wings. He was then assigned and served in a US peacekeeping mission and theater of operation in Europe. He then worked as a liaison to the European Parliament; dealt in different capacities, resolutions and reporting to, Council Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) and on Human right issues in Paris, France and at General Agreement of Tariffs & Trade (GATT), on matters of border security and transportation issues. Then serve in Serbia as an air-combat-pilot peacekeeping intelligence & reconnaissance mission. Upon his return to the United States, Mr. Pereira worked with Bank of America’s Private Client Group, and was then recruited by MSDW, where he acquired a strong client base in less than a year. He then became managing partner in a financial and corporate executive recruiting firm. Consequently, partner with a private investment firm Solomon James / Pereira Mr. Pereira was then assigned on various US Air Force, Special Operations and General Dynamics task forces, which he currently continues to operate in counterintelligence and information technologies specialist. Mr. Pereira continues to pursue various entrepreneurial and humanitarian opportunities across the United States and internationally with emphasis in exclusive private landmark high net worth real-state clients as well as Emergency response preparedness training & high valued military assets, both for Civilian and military, Government in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Egypt as well Green Energy solution. Mr. Pereira was heavily involved in various humanitarian and disaster relief projects both as a civilian and militarily capacity (from Katrina and Haiti, to Joplin, Taiwan, Japan to most recent 2015 earthquake in Nepal). Mr. Pereira is an avid extreme adventure seeker, Master Diver, professional photographer as well as Inventor, designer/creator.  As well as the sole owner or joint venture on several corporations such as Crosswind Tactical, ARC Global Solution, Inc. Canuck, Inc. Coastal Defense, Westchester Group, Alton International Group, Fantastic Oceans a non for Profit foundation and many others products distributions, green or oil related industry related ventures products and services.

John Cook

John is a Wall street veteran with over 25 years trading institutional IPO’s. John works closely with all the major banks and manages a Sub billion dollar fund for the Hunwell family office. John is an expert on deal structure and IPO’s.

George Zuckerman, MBA, New York

Charles Pereira, Project Management, BSc Business and Management

Charles is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and has overseen many impressive projects. Charles was invited to work with the founder of RFID at MIT after designing and implementing a real time RFID system for tracking production flow in a manufacturing environment. His previous successes include a logistics system for managing inventory and distribution logistics across multiple continents and most recently designing a disruptive digital advertising platform with remote control access and data gathering.

Others team members include:

Adnan Sharar, MBA, Jordan

Kirk Zeller, Ph.D., China

Dr. Youseff Hablal

Dr. Bijan Kothehan