I worked with Dr. Paul Pereira when I was running a DBA seminar on Multicultural Management at the International School of Management in Paris. Paul demonstrated a mastery of international business fundamentals coupled with a very high degree of interpersonal brilliance. He is a natural networker who knows how to create value for executives and decision-makers at the highest levels of major multinational corporations and their service providers. He also has a great zest for life and for business strategy, which makes it a pleasure to explore ideas with him. Highest recommendation.” 
– Guillermo Jimenez, Professor – International Trade and Fashion Law at Fashion Institute of Technology

“My company was a technology provider to Paul’s organization, and in working with Paul, I found him to be a very professional and savvy executive with strong business acumen, as well as a keen sense of the importance of technology in the success of his enterprise. I recommend Paul for his knowledge and hands-on leadership style.” 
– Michael Piombino, VP, National Sales Manager at Lender Processing Services

“Paul knows what he does and working with him leads to success. His energy and his creativity are, to me, two of his most valuable assets.” 
– Philippe LaCome, Management expert, Mentor, Keynote speaker, Jury mbr, Professor in Management, Leadership, Intl Business & Project Mngmt

“Paul is an exceptional individual who knows how to break through real or perceived barriers that keep companies from reaching their objectives and potential. Paul was a client of mine while he worked to expand his global services while simultaneously taking greater control of his time and his life. He was successful at both.”
– Jeannette Kraar, CEO, Performance Management International Strategic Planning, Change Management, Service Excellence, Executive Coaching

“I am please to state that I have known Mr. Paul Pereira in excess of ten years. My relationship with Mr. Pereira emanates from a contractual relationship between my former employer Business Recovery Service and Netserv.

As a former employee of Business Recovery Services, I can state categorically, that the ‘Netser matter’ is a ‘non-issue’, and that there are no outstanding issues, neither civil nor criminal, for which Mr. Pereira would be liable.

Mr. Pereira has introduced some business and development proposals to the Kingston and St. Andrews Corporation, which I chair at the capacity of Mayor of Kingston. We are currently exploring the viability of these projects with a view of going forward subject to our findings.

Mr. Pereira has demonstrated a continued interest in conducting business in Jamaica. At present I am aware of an investment venture being considered with Port Kaiser.” –Senator, Councillor Angela Brown Burke, JP, Mayor of Kingston

“Paul has the energy of an entire team. He quickly captures the solutions to complex challenges and creates a vision that he tirelessly applies to get the job done. Whether he is completing the merger/acquisition of two international telecom companies, or completing the research of a doctoral level business topic, you can count on successful completion. Paul is the person to lead in the toughest situations.” 
– Mike Mitchell, Adjunct Professor at BYU-Idaho