Environmental Responsibility

Alton Worldwide is an environmentally friendly corporation. Our decisions can assist or negatively impact the future of our great planet. We have chosen to be very proactive and contribute in every way so that Alton group will continue to do their part in reversing the global climate crisis through our actions and decisions.

Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation into the future.

The term “global warming” is a specific case of the more general term “climate change” (which can also refer to “global cooling,” such as occurs during ice ages). In principle, “global warming” is neutral as to the causes, but in common usage, “global warming” generally implies a human influence.

The UNFCCC uses “climate change” for human-caused change, and “climate variability” for other changes. Some organizations use the term “anthropogenic climate change” for human-induced changes.

The Environment

The Stern Review finds that global temperatures are, for identifiable reasons, rising relatively rapidly, and that if left unchecked, those rising temperatures could cause very large economic damages in the future. The Review estimates that the damages could amount to future reductions of 20 percent of global production. Dealing with global warming later will have far higher costs that dealing with it soon. Sir Nicholas recommends setting aside 1 percent of global output beginning today to avoid the larger later costs.