About Alton Worldwide

Our Vision

Alton Worldwide believes that the world economy will merge into one truly global marketplace with no boundaries. As we race towards this new world order, businesses expand outward to gain a share of the global arena. The East goes to the West. For many companies, this requires a new venture outside of their skill set and comfort zone. Boundless opportunities exist, and the expansion must go on before the competition comes to our own backdoors. For any company, international expansion will benefit from the intervention and guidance of the experts at Alton Worldwide, your “New Market Partners”.

Our Mission

Alton Worldwide shapes strategy and business development according to the unique needs of our clients. We assist companies all over the world with mergers & acquisitions, emerging technologies, market opportunities, key partner identification, and strategic partnerships. Our mission is to enable organizations to optimize the value of their assets, increase profitability, boost performance, and enrich their balance sheets.

Company Summary

Alton Worldwide was formed by a team of high-level, expert professionals with successful track records of twenty years or more in the international business world. Under the leadership of CEO Paul Pereira, the group provides expertise and guidance directly to global clients, helping to execute specific well-defined projects at high intervention levels in both the private and public sectors. Alton Worldwide’s team includes Ph.Ds, MBAs and lawyers with decades of practical business experience.

What does the Alton Worldwide Do?

Alton Worldwide transforms business performance and unlocks value for asset owners and business leaders. The group shapes strategy and new business development by aligning their client’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with goals and objectives in order to deliver performance charged results.

Our Value proposition

Alton Worldwide is a global entity of expert advisors who each offers a minimum of 20 years senior level professional business experience and collectively over 200 years. Our associates worldwide range from CEOs of major banks to leading M&A experts to cutting edge fund managers. We have come together to create our global consortium of New Market Partners – Alton Worldwide.

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